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Online PhD defence celebration for Binh Huy Nguyen

Online PhD defence celebration for Binh Huy Nguyen

Our team held an online PhD defence celebration for Binh Huy Nguyen at 05:00 PM on January 18, 2021. Congratulations to Binh!

Team members contributed to this doktorhut mainly include Minh, Chuong, Bettina, Patricio, Hongwei, Thai, Hai and Nam. 

Minh spoke about the design idea of the doktorhut, in his congrats speech to Binh.

"We know you like music a lot. He always works with headphones on. Therefore, we have 2 musical presents for you.

1. Loudspeaker.

2. Musical note.

With these things together you can bring them everywhere, to the next working office to play with 7 musical notes. As far as I know, your Ph.D. work is about piezo&flexo electric coupling and photonic material. They play an important role in controlling the acoustic wave. Each musical note owns a unique sound, and in terms of physics, the sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium. Therefore, it relates to acoustic metamaterial, sonic crystal, or phononic crystal, a material designed to control, direct, and manipulate sound waves. Therefore, it brings a part of your Ph.D. work.

Badminton shuttlecock is a high-drag projectile used in the sport of badminton. The shuttlecock's shape makes it extremely aerodynamically stable. Binh: To be honest, when you first came here, I think you are a bookworm who is always hard-working and hard studying. However, you gradually changed that image in my mind. Though he is busy with his research, he spent every day one to two hours playing badminton with his Chinese friends, and sometimes he played basketball with me too. In addition to the physical training, he seems to want to train mental health by playing CHESS. He played Chess online sometimes with people around the world when he had free time. Therefore, we have a small CHESS BOARD for you to practice. Remember, doing Sport is not simply a task we should complete in a day, but it is also a clever investment. Keep this healthy habit, and you will get back the creativity, capability, stability for the rest of your life.

Last but not least, we have a Greeting Cards which has signatures of all members in our group. We hope that it can bring you good memories about us and Ph.D. is a wonderful stage that you have experienced in your life. 

One member of the institute has sent a message to you. He wrote like this:

'Binh is not only a good friend, but he is also a good motivation for me to study new things since his enthusiasm for science seems to be no limit. You will never run out of energy when working with him, it is lucky to have Binh as a colleague during the time I was doing research in Hannover.'

Finally, on behalf of the chair, I wish you good health, always enthusiastic about your work, and always being a good person. Hope you can grow other young students if you become a professor in the future.