Working Groups at IOP

The institute currently has two professorships. Prof. Xiaoying Zhuang PhD deals with the application of machine learning processes and numerical mechanics to calculate and design new types of nanostructures, metamaterials and photonic systems. Prof. Dr. Michael Kues researches photonic quantum systems with a focus on technology development. Examples are the implementation of quantum-enhanced measurement methods, e.g. resolution improvement, and the implementation of quantum information processing systems, e.g. the implementation of optimization algorithms. Both professors have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant and have excellent networks throughout the institutes, nationally and internationally. The institute is significantly involved in the excellence cluster "PhoenixD" and has collaborations with universities in Germany (e.g. KIT, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Leipzig) and with research institutions worldwide (e.g. Glasgow University, Aarhus University).

Lehrstuhl für Numerische Mechanik und Simulationstechnik (CSST)

Lehrstuhl für Photonische Quantentechnologien (PQT)