Research of CSST

Introduction from Professor

Prof. Dr. Xiaoying Zhuang
Professor of Mechanics for Multiscale and Multiphysics Problems

I came to Germany in 2014 with Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship from European Union (at that time the FP7 Programme). The fellowship was concluded when I started my Sofja-Kovalevskaja Programme in Decebmer 2015 thanks to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. My Sofja Programme was hosted at the Institute of Continuum Mechanics (IKM) and I had the luck to work with Prof. Peter Wriggers. Thanks to the former colleagues in IKM that I have developed well and enjoyed the time to work together. In 2018 I was awarded with the Leibnitz Prize and ERC Starting Grant from Horizon2020 of EU. In 2019, I have awarded with the Heisenberg-Professorship Programme and … I started the programme in early 2020… yes, almost same time with the start of the pandemic :) As you can imagine, the starting of building independent group in 2020 was difficutl but interesting and rewarding experience that I will remember.

My key research area is Computational Mechanics and and Machine Learning for the solution of partial differential equations in engineering and sciences especially for multiscale and multiphysics problems. I developed computational methods for the following topics:

In the past years, there are have been much interesting findings and progress. In the following I will highlight and share some of these outcomes.